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Leveraging Spirit™

1:1 Coaching

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6D Mood Mastery™

Mood Mastery Quickstart

3 Simple Steps to transform your life. Begin the Mood Mastery Quick-start today. It's Free.

Flagship course

Leveraging Spirit™

leveraging spirit

Healing the Past

Leveraging Spirit™ is a unique 12 week coaching program that will completely transform your relationships – and yourself.

The program combines video teachings, ‘healing the past’ coaching and clearing of pain blocks and limiting beliefs. This will transform your relationships and your life, paving the way to a new and deep connection with a soulmate.


1:1 Coaching

ultimate support

1:1 Moving Beyond Stubborn Blocks

When you’re stuck or sick and tired of being sick and tired then there’s great benefit in 1:1 Coaching. An intensive 6 week program that is based on video calls and weekly challenges that clears stubborn blocks and redesigns your path.

If you’ve had a series of relationships that have ended unhappily, or a business that’s hit a roadblock, then the intuitive guidance of 1:1 Coaching will benefit greatly. Claim your free 20 minute coaching call below.

Life by design

6D Mood Mastery

success course

Transform Your World As You Know It

6D Mood Mastery group program combines video teachings, mood mastery coaching, clearing of blocks and limiting beliefs. Plus repatterning tools for designing a new life that you love.  It’s designed to transform your your life, awakening to a new deeper connection within.

Gayle’s superpower is being able to see the bigger picture and the steps to get there. Allan’s superpower is empathy and natural healing. It’s not voodoo stuff and it’s not something that happened overnight, it just comes from clarifying and working with clients for well over 20 years.

The course is delivered via video trainings, interactive workbooks and weekly live calls every Tuesday (all calls are recorded if you can’t make it live)….AND there’s an incredibly powerful transformation that happens when connecting with others on the same journey.

6D Mood Mastery© has changed our lives and we want you to experience that power as well.

6 dimensions of healing

Live Workshops

ultimate support

Transformational Live Events

Transformational Live Events including healing the past, mapping your destiny, combined with fun personality training, to give you a starting point for designing a loving relationship.

These are held in locations across the USA and Australia to give you you the experience of uplifting, supportive relationships and freedom from pain. It helps you release the patterns that are keeping you stuck, in a powerful way.