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Habits of Happiness

1:1 Coaching

Live Workshops

6D Mood Mastery©

Flagship course

6D Mood Mastery

Habits of Happiness

Healing the Past

6D Mood Mastery© is a unique 12 week coaching program that will completely transform your relationships – and yourself.

The program combines video teachings, ‘healing the past’ coaching and clearing of pain blocks and limiting beliefs. This will transform your relationships and your life, paving the way to a new and deep connection with a spiritual soulmate.


1:1 Coaching

gayle maree coaching
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Private Coaching

I take on a strictly limited number of private clients at any one time for my higher level of support of 1:1 Private Relationship Coaching.

Our work together will include powerful, deep healing, and transformational coaching to define and attract your ideal relationships.

A vision where you make a bigger impact on the world, step more powerfully into your own connection and combine your relationships with your life purpose.

If you’re ready for more, then claim your free 20 minute coaching call below.

6 Dimensions of Healing


6d workshops
ultimate support

Transformational Live Workshops

Our Workshops are very hands-on. That means you get involved. We give you the tools and the inspiration to map out your future.

You’ll cover healing the past, mapping your destiny, designing your soulmate, understanding the spiritual connection in a relationship. All relationships.

It’s combined with fun personality training, to give you a starting point for designing a loving relationship with a deep spiritual connection.

These are held in locations across the USA and Australia to give you the experience of an uplifting, supportive and safe environment. It helps you release the patterns that are keeping you stuck, in a very powerful way.