What is Leveraging Spirit?

When we’ve had enough of pain from the past and want to find peace, then Leveraging Spirit is the tool of choice for transformation. To leverage our spirit is to take what we know and how we feel and use the leverage of our inner wisdom to grow and develop who we were born to be.

When we leverage something, we create power by using a small amount of pressure, a lever. Leveraging spirit is using pin pointed knowledge to expand the wisdom of our soul and blend it seamlessly into our lives.

The course Leveraging Spirit™ enhances your well-being by bringing forth the joys of life and replacing the old debilitating patterns of the past with new uplifting patterns.

It’s a new blueprint for life and is based on the 6 Dimensions of Healing (see below).


What is 6 Dimensions of Healing?

6 Dimensions of healing encompasses the 6 dimensions of:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional/Spiritual
  • Vibration
  • Intention
  • Attitude

These are the dimensions that rule our lives. It’s through these that we either experience pain or feel freedom. By understanding these dimensions and how they work in our daily lives, we can leverage the power of our inner selves and transform it into a reality that we really love.

The Physical Dimension helps us to deepen the connection we have with our bodies and understand how dynamically the mind and body work in cohesive harmony.

The Mental Dimension allows us to transform our thoughts and master our own reality. It helps us to understand why things happen the way they do and why we attract who we do into our lives.

The Emotional Dimension connects us with our inner wisdom and establishes our power in creating a blueprint for a new life. One that is designed by us and creates a foundation for the rest of our life.

The Vibration Dimension is pivotal in understanding the communication between us and our loved ones and shows us how we can excel in creating a harmonious environment.

The Intention Dimension establishes the power we need to live a life we truly love. The guidelines we establish through intentions, set the seeds of all future relationships.

The Attitude Dimension is where we roam. It shows us how we perceive life and what we want to change to bring out the best in both ourselves and others.


6 Dimensions of Healing® is a complete transformational package which is used in both Leveraging Spirit™ and 6 Dimensions of Healing Mastermind™.

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