Create Your Success With A Soul Guided Launch Partner

Don’t Sacrifice Your Soul to Launch. Instead, have a Launch Partner by Your Side Who is Soul Guided

Ensure every task resonates with the core mission and purpose of your soul-guided business

What is a Soul Guided Launch?

Imagine unveiling your unique product or service, not just to a few but to a rapt audience eagerly awaiting what you have to offer. That’s what a launch is all about! It’s a masterfully orchestrated event where every piece of information is tailored, every message fine-tuned, all to ignite the spark of interest in your audience. Whether you’re rolling out a course, product, or service, you don’t need it to be perfect from the get-go. That’s the beauty of a launch—it’s your chance to test, refine, and adapt.  A soul-guided launch gives you the chance to touch lives on a scale and in a way that can reshape your world, propelling you into a lifestyle that many only daydream about. A well-executed launch transforms not only your business but also your life!

soul guided launch

A Soul Guided Launch Partner is a perfect choice for a soul-guided entrepreneur who is new to business or launching,
but wants to get to the next level, fast!

soul guided launch

Challenges of a Launch

Navigating the physical and emotional waves of a product or service launch is no small feat. It’s like dancing on a tightrope: one side gets stuck in the headspace of launching, while the other gently reminds us to stay true to our inner soul compass. The challenge? Not getting lost in the strategic shuffle and always remembering the heart of the matter. It’s not just about the launch mechanics; it’s the transformative ripple you’ll send through people’s lives.

Now, there are MANY moving parts of a launch! From enticing opt-ins and nurture sequences to persuasive sales scripts — and all the nitty-gritty details sandwiched in between. Believe it or not, I’ve got a comprehensive checklist of 143 essentials I tick off with every launch. Yes, it’s a dance, but with the right moves, it’s one that can change someone’s world!

The most daunting aspect of launching? It’s the tidal wave of overwhelm, intensified by the rollercoaster of emotions that come along for the ride.

Making Sure No Stone Goes Unturned & No Essential Task Gets Missed

After 10 Personal Launches, I’m Offering to Act as your Launch Guide & Partner

Gayle Herring

Hi there! I’m Gayle Herring. I’m over ten launches deep, and trust me, each one has been a huge learning curve. I won’t dazzle you with tales of million-dollar successes (they’re on the horizon, though!). If you’re already in that million dollar arena, my hat’s off to you, but we might not be the right fit.

When you’re starting out, the intricate dance of a launch is not for the faint-hearted. Whether you’re solo or backed by a team, the nuances can be both baffling and overwhelming. It’s often like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole for the soul-guided entrepreneur. Because of the complexity many gifted souls shy away from launches, and in doing so, their profound messages don’t reach the vast audiences the Universe intended.

Here’s where my journey intertwines with yours: I’m reaching out to you as a soul-guided champion, and the ones like you, who are deeply rooted in yoga, dance, spirituality, healing, and so much more. Why? Because my strength is in organizing the seemingly chaotic while still maintaining a soul connection. Having navigated this path repeatedly, I’ve refined a seamless system. So, let me handle the intricate gears of the launch machine, while you shine, doing what you were born to do.

Feel a resonating “yes” with every launch action, knowing it aligns with both your business goals and intuitive direction.

How do Soul Guided Launch Partners work?

Ready to take the world by storm with your course or skill, but unsure of the ‘how’? Here’s the deal: You bring the essence, whether that’s in a workshop, live session, video – whatever feels right. Your soul guided launch partner brings the strategy and the system. Merged together, it’s the perfect concoction for a successful soul guided launch partnership.

Now, when I say “system”, I mean the whole shebang: diving deep into understanding your audience (Avatar work), creating a captivating opt-in, crafting a stunning landing page, engaging email marketing, a persuasive sales page, compelling video scripts, and even a post-launch Q & A. Need help in sculpting your course? We’ve got your back on that too.

If the tech whirlwind has been your barrier, let’s bust through it together. I have a feeling we might just create the dynamic duo the universe is waiting for!

If you’re on the fence about the financials, well this is the golden part: we dive in as partners. We share the profits 50/50. It’s a breath of fresh air from the typical launch coach/support model, where the meter keeps running irrespective of the outcome.

If you’ve ever hoped for someone who doesn’t just ‘work for you’ but ‘partners’ with you, sharing both the sunny days and the stormy ones, this collaboration is just that. If your dream doesn’t soar, then neither do my efforts. Believe me when I say, we’re all in, ensuring our combined endeavor is not just impactful, but also resonates deeply with both our soul’s calling.

soul guided launch

Create deeper connections with your audience throughout the launch, ensuring their needs and feedback are integrated into your launch process. Have questions?

What Are the Benefits of a Soul Guided Launch?


Feeling free isn’t about getting away from things, it’s about feeling free in whatever you do. When you launch you no longer have the restrictions of a job or a boss, or even a landlord.

Soul Renewal

You’re never too old to begin something new and there is always another way of doing something you’ve done before. It’s not about learning but about spreading yours wings to experience life’s exhilaration.

Time Rich

When you launch you can connect with so many more people than you ever could on your own. Instead of one to one it’s one to many and this means you have more time to enjoy life.


A launch can help you to buy that new car, put the down payment on the house, help your kids with their mortgage and even support your travel overseas in business or first class style.


A launch can help you to feel validated after all the experience you’ve accumulated over the years. It solidifies your own expertise in your chosen niche.

Emotional Liberty

There are many emotions, insecurities and past patterns tied up with business. But when you launch, you overcome those limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

How Much Does It Cost Me?

There are always costs involved in a launch, such as list-building advertising, software such as Zoom for your presentations and other small pieces that you don’t notice until the time arises. But having a partner launch means that a launch coach isn’t one of those expenses that can be a drain on the budget. As a Launch Partner I get paid when you do. We halve the profits. THIS IS A WIN-WIN SITUATION. The advantage of this is that I have a vested interest in selling your course too!

Is A Soul Guided Launch Partner Right For Me?

Don’t put it off any longer as plans need to be made. A launch isn’t an overnight experience. So here’s what you can do to decide:

Close your eyes
Take a deep breath
Hand on heart
Think about where you want to be in 3 years time.
What do you want your business to look like? Who do you want to help? How is your life different?

 Then ask yourself “Would launching with somebody who knows how, help more people and make more money than what I’m doing now? Will it help me get to my dream business and life?”

Sit with it. If the answer is even a little bit YES. Don’t overthink it. Click here to contact me now. Let’s talk.

Limited Time Offer!

A well-designed launch takes months to organize. So if you’re looking to expand your business for 2024 or beyond, then let’s connect!

soul guided launch
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