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Frequently Asked Questions

Why your Birth Name?

The birth name is the name you were born with and has an overriding vibration in this lifetime, whether you’re still using it or not.

When we ask for your birth name, we are after all of your names given at birth. If you have 4, 5 or 6 names, just include 3 names. The first, first middle and last names.

What if I was adopted?

Your adopted name is your birth name unless you were adopted at a very early age (under 2) and then the name your adopted parents gave you would be considered your birth name. Please put an explanation in the box if this is the case.

What if you've had many name changes

Your birth name and the name you have now are the names we are interested in. Even though you may have been married twice. Your past married name doesn’t take precedence right now. Your birth name and your current name have the biggest vibrational influence in your life. However, if you are known by something different to your legal name, please include this in the ‘other relevant information’ section.

What about nicknames?

You can add in the ‘other relevant details’ section your nickname for interest, but unless you sign documents with this name it holds little influence.

Need to ask a question?

We haven’t included a lot of details so as not to cause confusion, but if you have a query that you need before filling in the form above, don’t hesitate to reach out. Otherwise, there is a section for ‘other relevant information’ that may include adoption details and different birth names.