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Gayle Maree

Official Bio

Gayle Maree Herring DIP PLT, Spiritual Counselor, Past Life Therapist, Galactic Akashic Reader, Mother, Author - 6 Dimensions of Healing. 

More than two decades ago, Gayle ventured into the realm of Spiritual Counseling driven by a deep-seated frustration with the tumultuous nature of relationships in her own life. Witnessing the profound pain that engulfed many individuals, she felt a compelling urge to make a difference, to help empower those by finding their origins and their purpose.

Through years of dedicated effort, Gayle honed her skills and crafted transformative tools aimed at fostering healthier, more enriching relationships. Her mission? To illuminate the way towards profound self-connection and a harmonious life, paving the way for a life brimming with love and joy.

With a compassionate heart and unwavering dedication, Gayle has guided numerous souls on their journey to discovering their unique path to a happy fulfilling life, instilling hope and empowerment in every life she touches.

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Mine isn’t a Rags to Riches story, it’s an Empowering Life Journey

Happiness along a Soul Path

Just like most people, I adopted my relationship patterns from my environment. I thought that because they worked for my mother, they’d work for me too. But my personality was Melancholy, I was naturally an introvert. For me to exert myself and be friendly each time we moved (my father was in the military for 22 years), it came across as aggressive and aloof.

Like many people I’ve now helped along the way, I looked like I was over confident and yet I was really insecure.

I spent most of my younger years reacting to how I thought people felt about me and I only attracted more situations that were uncomfortable. So my first marriage didn’t last long as I took my insecurities with me.

By the age 23, I was a single parent of a one year old daughter and desperately unhappy. I often thought I would be better off not being here as I couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.

We all need a flow of life energy

I was never diagnosed with depression, but I had nothing to look forward to and so my life energy was really low. I didn’t know how I was going to bring this young baby up on my own.

I was only just coping and working very long hours, so made the decision to move back to my home town so that I had my parents’ support. It was a big decision and a reluctant move, because I was moving back towards a lot of emotional baggage.

At 26, with a 4 year old, I became so sick I couldn’t work

I became so sick I had to give up my job. The strange thing was that they couldn’t diagnose what was wrong with me. I was finally sent to a Neurosurgeon and he diagnosed me with ‘exercising too much’. That was the best he could do.

It wasn’t true, because I had previously been an Aerobics instructor so I knew what a lot of exercise was. But there was no other avenue of medicine to go down. Having a diagnosis gave it a finality. I didn’t know where else to turn. I felt alone and afraid.

the inner journey

Finding My Own Power

I’d never been to a Spiritual Counselor before, in fact I don’t think I’d heard of one. But I was desperate enough to try anything.

I didn’t need to say much and she pinpointed the reason. She felt that I had been stressed for a long time (another pattern I adopted) and had coped because I had to. Now that I had some support and some breathing space, the stress was coming up to hit me like a tidal wave. It just had to take its course.

Did I believe her? I hadn’t had any other valid reason for my symptoms until now, even from a neurosurgeon and it turned out that she was right. I had coped. It was just one step after the other. This unconventional diagnosis was actually a big relief and it helped me to be able to recognize the same in others now.

As I was coming out of this fog, I met Allan and it helped me heal more quickly.

Life As A Spiritual Counselor

Gayle Maree

By far the most rewarding work I’ve done is to combine my intuitive gifts with Counseling work. I was guided to counseling from frustration. I wanted to be able to help Allan who was having trouble with an ex-wife and I just didn’t have the tools to help.

So I began a counseling course out of frustration and I also began studying A Course in Miracles, which blended beautifully. One gave me skills and the other taught about personal responsibility.

It was 7 years later, when I was introduced to the Law of Attraction (because somebody pointed out that I was undermining myself), that things began to move in the direction of my purpose.

I found the work of counseling infused with the empowerment of Law of Attraction fulfilling and I knew I had found my purpose. Still, people didn’t really know about Spiritual Counseling, so I just called it counseling, but the people I was attracting began to make big shifts in their lives.

It was humbling work and people were searching for non-traditional counseling that could actually help them move forward. Not only were many of my clients women, but they were often therapists themselves. Who do therapists go to when they need help? Me.

I was understanding more and more how this Law of Attraction thing worked, so not only did I use it, but I taught it to others.

How I met my Spiritual Soulmate

It was the mid-80s. There were very few personal development courses or coaches in Australia where I was situated. They were usually traveling courses. There weren’t even computers, let alone the internet. One thing I knew for sure, there was no way I was going with traditional medicine in this mystery illness. I’d had enough of their crazy diagnoses. So I began to read self-help books and meditate.

I had always been headstrong

I had always been headstrong. That’s a term that means you don’t listen to others’ advice very often. But there was always that inner voice that told me it felt right or it didn’t. Now I know it as my Soul’s Blueprint. I didn’t trust that inner voice implicitly back then, but I still listened. It was guiding me on an inner journey in which I had no idea where I was going or how to get there. It was just one step at a time. I had no idea the extent of the transformation that was taking place within.

I didn’t realise it at the time, and I certainly had many more years to go, but I was developing what would become our signature course.

I never knew about


but I was always aware of my


That Special Connection!

I first met Allan at a personal development seminar. It was one of those two and a half-day commitments that made huge changes if people’s lives. This was my second time doing the course. The first was an incredible experience. This time it was going to be just as amazing but for different reasons.

It was a hugging type of workshop and when we hugged for the first time, I knew it was where I wanted to stay for the rest of my life. It was safe and sure and felt like coming home.

When we hugged for the first time, I knew it was where I wanted to be. Forever!

Over the next 30 years, we certainly had our ups and downs, but we were a good team. We were good for each other. We were still in love down the track but we were both better together.  I was good on my own, but I became better with someone who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Allan had more confidence, patience, and understanding and his attributes began to rub off on me.

We bought a Natural Health Clinic

In February 2007, Allan was looking in the newspaper classifieds as one of our sons was looking for a job. He came across this tiny ad which read ‘Health Clinic for Sale’. We were looking for our next step, and he thought he knew which one it was. It was Mel Stewart’s clinic up in the mountains, an hour away. Our family had been treated by him for many years.

But I dismissed the opportunity saying that it was a Chiropractic Clinic and we weren’t Chiropractors. Allan let it go, but inwardly he knew it was right and he asked for a sign.

Signs & Synchronicities are


from our

Higher Selves

Now I’m really big on signs. They’re our higher selves communicating with us, so it would make sense to take notice. But this sign was so blatant, it even floored me.

We went out grocery shopping and I didn’t feel like going to a big shopping centre in the city, so we went to a small local one. As we walked in, who was sitting on the bench alone? It was Mel, the owner of the clinic ad and he was a long way from home. I was stunned. Allan noticed that as a sign straight away, walked up to say hello and mentioned that he’d noticed the ad in the paper.

Because we had known him for many years through the Clinic, he knew who we were. When Allan suggested that he’d like to buy the clinic, he was overjoyed. This small, frail man at 83 was an amazing inventor as well as Engineer, Chiropractor and Osteopath, but was now in failing health. He had actually just closed the clinic indefinitely.

I had to interject on this happy reunion by saying that we weren’t Chiropractors and he said that didn’t matter as he hadn’t performed Chiropractics for years. He had developed his own method and had already taught us. I didn’t know if we could afford to buy the clinic, but he said he was happy to make sure that we could.

The house lease renewal was sitting unsigned on the kitchen table and the kids were due to begin a new school year at the end of January. Within 2 weeks we were packed up and moved the hour up the mountain to begin a new life. The Clinic had a sign on the front door. Open on 7 February 2007 and instead of Mel it was us, the new owners, who opened it.

natural healing

The Path of Change

Since then, we’ve had the privilege of helping over 60,000  clients and have a database that spans the world.

Our therapies have developed over time and we’ve become more healers, than therapists. Allan attends to the physical and my area is the emotional but even that has begun to blend.

In essence, when asked, I say that we fix people when they’re broken, physically, and emotionally. Our clients come from all over the world. We don’t advertise and we’ve only had a website for the past few years.

We even had the privilege of working in California for a year.

More than 30 years of love and life together and our journey hasn’t ended, it’s only just begun.