Your Soulmate is Smokin’ Hot

I Hope You Aren’t The Jealous Type

Your soulmate will be an eye-catching hottie. You will never cease to be amazed by their looks, and them of yours. Age makes no difference to their charisma and charm. Like so many celebrity couples, you two will be the envy of all you meet.

Your relationship will be filled with chemistry that is both loving and passionate. This is the closest you get to love at first sight.

Remember, this partner really does only have eyes for you. Even though others may admire them, your hottie doesn’t even notice as their heart is with you. They are used to the admiration of others and have become oblivious to the second looks of all age groups.

They feel accomplished in having met somebody as wonderful and talented as you are and they believe in you even more than you believe in yourself. This is something you can lean on in times of insecurity. Your being vulnerable brings out the protective side of this partner.

Others see him as good to look at, you see him as somebody you can rely on.

There is much more depth to these guys than just looks and you’ll notice this by how intelligent the conversation is right from the beginning.

You’ve attracted a hot partner because they are your match and when you come together you create something really special that affects the whole world.

soulmate is hot

We all have a perfect partner somewhere. A person who can share our joys and loves, someone who makes us feel good when we’re down. Whether it’s with a smile, a touch, or by understanding.

As a Relationships Counselor for over 20 years, it’s been my pleasure to help busy women like you attract love in their life.



Gayle Maree

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What if you could attract a relationship that actually reflected the love you have hidden deep inside?



Can I Find True Love?

Yes, if that's what you want. This type of relationship is available for everyone. But just like anything in life, there is a process. And because it's not widely known, very few people ever attract this special type of connection.

It's rather like becoming an Olympian. You don't just wake up one day and say I'm going to be an Olympian tomorrow! Of course not. You might wake up one day and dream of becoming an Olympian. Standing on the podium and receiving the medal, that deep pride inside. But you don't just do it. It takes a formula, practice, training and little wins. There is a process.

Begin NOW...

You can begin the process right now, by imagining a year from now, walking hand in hand with your One True Love on a secluded beach, breathing in the salt air and sighing with satisfaction, a permanent smile on your lips. A sense of relief washes over you, knowing that you were finally prepared to take the action necessary to find true love. So you were rewarded with the happiness you're now experiencing every single day.

Get the Love Breakthrough you DESERVE

I know you've been hurt before because you're not alone. So we'll walk you through how you can heal the hidden obstacles and get the love breakthrough you need to attract lasting love and happiness. One that's filled with love and opportunity.  Because if you've ever loved and lost or even loved and been used, you have past pain that can infect future relationships. You don't need to go through this for the next year, 5 years or even a decade. And you don't need to take this with you from lifetime to lifetime.

Your Perfect Partner

How the Past infects your FUTURE relationships:

You could come across the most amazing partner that checks-off everything on your list and yet you probably won't even notice them.

You'll be so busy with the old story playing in your head, that the person who matches your new story will pass on by. Or even worse, you'll meet them and hold them at arms length. There are many reasons that True Love seems so elusive. And a lot has to do with the past.

Spiritual-Soulmate will show you how to move beyond that pain and open the door to the most amazing fulfilling relationship you've ever experienced. One where you feel supported, validated and loved.

No Matter where you are Now, you CAN Attract True Love


This isn't a corny dating site. I don't have partners in my back pocket. But I do know that when you follow the process, an amazing future unfolds. I've seen it over and over again.

We teach you to attract your One True Love, no matter where you're standing now. We actually have a system for this and you'll get lots of life-changing information packed into our love-letters (emails).

I've Been There Too

I've been where you are now. I've struggled, been divorced and in pain, standing on the sidelines, afraid to make another wrong choice. I had convinced myself I'd rather be alone. But I did find a way through it.

I've been a Relationships counselor for 23 years now and I've sorted through a lot of research, studying relationships from all over the world to discover what works and what doesn't. And we've incorporated the best tools into our world class system.

We want to help you create better relationships through Spiritual-Soulmate.com. Not only because we've developed the best process to find love, but Spiritual-Soulmate wants to be one of the best paths in the world to develop lasting love and happiness.



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