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What is Self-Care?

I recently was invited to speak on a healthy eating podcast with a Canadian friend of mine, Lianne Phillipson. If you aren’t familiar with Lianne, she has a popular weekly podcast titled “Eat This” and she offers all sorts of wonderful healthy eating tips and recipes for the whole family.

So what does eating have to do with me?

Well, Lianne was doing a special series called a self-care series and she wanted me to come on to speak to her audience about how mindset affects your eating habits and your weight.

That’s actually right up my alley so I was happy to participate. Allan and I have been keto for around two years now and we’ve seen the difference both mindset and food have had on our own lives. Everything from reduced health markers to higher energy levels.

And in our line of business, the natural health area, it’s really important to us that we walk our talk.

Self-Care Topics on the Podcast

Lianne and I spoke about how I helped clients through emotional pain, by providing a new perspective, clarity and focus.

She asked how women could combine their spirituality with their professional lives and integrate it into daily living, so I gave her the 3 steps I use for that.

  1. Finding your connection
  2. Setting up your morning routine before you even get out of bed and
  3. Journaling at the end of the day

How happiness is connected to weight and why people hold on to what they don’t want.

We also spoke about how to create the life you want, by design, which is the key to living a life you love.

If you’d like to listen to the Self-Care podcast then click on the link below.




PS: Link is below and you can begin 7 minutes in if you want to get to the interview and the tips.

Link to Lianne Phillipson Eat This Podcast – Episode 24, Self-Care with Gayle Maree

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