In a relationship there is give and take. We give as much as we can as often as we can and find ourselves drained at the end of each day. These days easily become weeks then months and eventually we look back, years down the track, and wonder where that woman has gone with all her hopes and dreams. The one filled with energy and a sense of fun. We find ourselves in a place where we have lost the ability to live an empowering life.

Empowered by a Mother

Working and family take its toll on many people but especially the mother and wife in a family. The family units spiritual well-being revolves around a central axis and the axis in any family is usually the mother.

When we grow as children we begin as babies, as an open vessel which absorbs all around it. The environment a child grows up in, influences their beliefs and creates their patterns of behaviour. Not only for the present but for the future. These are absorbed from the people around us and the mother has the greatest influence of all.

Not everyone wants to be a role model, but we are by default. There is no choice whether we want to be a role model or not as we have no influence on what other’s think and feel, except by our example. Whether that’s a positive or a negative role model is to be seen, but there’s value in both the role model and anti-role model.

Empowered by Patterns

So, as we begin life as a child with the patterns adopted from our environment and carry them into adulthood, there can be a feeling of discontent. Of how did we get here and how did that happen? Often we feel overwhelmed and have many more questions than we have answers. 

We are no longer empowered in our own lives.

What does feeling empowered really mean?

It’s taking back the power to choose. It’s not an outer bravado, but an inner choice. Empowerment includes:

  • Feeling Valued
  • Respected
  • Loved
  • Joyful
  • Ability to make Choices

These add up to a sense of freedom. When we’ve lost our identity within the family unit, we no longer feel empowered.

Personal Power means Freedom

So how do we gain our own power back? Here are 5 empowering ways:

  1. Know that your power is within
  2. Value your own time by enjoying some of it
  3. Respecting yourself by feeling deserving
  4. Validating your own life as worthwhile and on purpose
  5. Make choices that are guided by your Higher Self and fun!!!
  6. Take the journey to loving yourself

These 6 core beliefs were what we were born with, so when we return to these, we stand in our own power once again.

Empowered Families

We want to give our families the best of us. When we’re feeling drained and listless we’re not doing that. We’re inadvertently passing on those same patterns that go us to where we don’t want to be, to those we love.

It’s time to find our way back home. To a connection of joy and freedom that fills us with a sense of love and purpose.

This is not an outer journey, it’s an inner one and it can be done anywhere and anytime. Even now.

The real secret is that nobody can ever hold you back from being empowered if it’s not your choice. We’ll show you how to get your power back and really love life once again.