Play the Lead Role in Your Soulmate Movie

Playing the Lead Role in your Soulmate Movie?

By creating a scenario or having a dream, it’s like having a movie that you create for your future. You had lots of movies in the past. In fact, you’re in one right now and you’re playing the lead role in this movie.

When you dream of a soulmate and have created a list of attributes that make you feel great, then you can relax into enjoying the dream you’ve created. You can play it like a movie in your head and it feels wonderful. This is focusing on the abundance of what you want, rather than the lack.  This is the process of giving birth to your dream and sending it out in to the world,  to become thought-form, grow wings and take flight. It then gathers momentum and moves independently of you. You have given birth to a dream baby and it’s growing.

Your Soulmate Movie Dream

Your soulmate movie dream may not be tangible at the moment, but it is real. It’s real in your mind, in your mood and in the Universe.

But what you really want is to rendezvous with that dream. Become one with it. That’s what we call manifestation. You want to be able to see, hear, smell, taste and touch this person. This is YOUR dream and it will never disappear. It may change shape as you refine your wants and needs but it will never disappear.

So how do you unite with this Soulmate Movie Dream?

Well, we liken it to a movie. This is a movie you’ve written. It has a plot, a story, characters and emotion. This is your movie.

But it’s a different movie to what has played in your life previously. It doesn’t have all the dark sinister twists and turns you’ve been playing before. You’ve always played the leading role, but this is a different movie which requires a different role and like any actor, you’ll need to up-level your skills to get the better roles. Even if it is for your own movie.

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Skills for your Soulmate Movie

These skills are the inner journey. They aren’t a dress you put on or a costume you create to change how you look or walk,  but inner skills to expand your ability to play the best role of your life, so far in your Soulmate Movie.

The skills you need are the ones of mood mastery. Being able to move your mood from any place at any time, to feeling great, is mastering your mood. Because when you feel as great as you can as often as you can, you’re expanding into that leading role part which becomes this new movie and your new life.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that mastering your mood will actually change your life, because dreams don’t manifest because a certain amount of time has passed. They manifest because of the expansion you’ve taken within, that matches your dream.

Expanding into your Soulmate Movie Role

So when you say it will happen when the time is right. Timing actually has nothing to do with it. The expansion has everything to do with it. So, if you want this Soulmate Movie to manifest in this lifetime, you need to take the inner journey to become the Leading Lady in your upcoming Soulmate movie.

It won’t go to somebody else, but it can’t come at all until you match it. You’ll be hanging around on a different channel, wondering why you can’t see it. So, you could say it will come when you’re ready, rather than the right time and that will be far more accurate.

The way you get ready is by taking the inner journey. So let me know below what you do to expand your inner journey for your upcoming big role in your Soulmate movie. You can comment below the youtube video above.

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