How to Trust and Be Vulnerable Without Pain

How Can you Trust Again?

So how can you ever trust enough to allow a new partner into your life, let alone become vulnerable enough to have a Spiritual connection? It’s a big question and one that’s asked the world over, by anyone that’s been hurt through relationships.

Hi I’m Gayle Maree from 6 Dimensions of Healing and I’ve been a Spiritual counselor for over 22 years, helping people to feel empowered in their relationships.

What makes you Vulnerable?

So what makes you vulnerable? Is it wearing your heart on your sleeve? Maybe it’s because you’ve been hurt before. Or being in denial that something you don’t want to know about is going on. There are many things, events and people that can make you feel vulnerable.

And they all have a common thread. Fear and insecurity. So that’s what we’ll pick the scab off today. How to become empowered when you’re at your most vulnerable.

When are you most Vulnerable?

So let’s determine when you are most vulnerable. It’s when you’re afraid and insecure isn’t it? But what comes first? Fear and insecurity or pain and vulnerability? This seems like a chicken and the egg scenario at first, until you introduce another party. Someone has made you feel this way. Either vulnerable or insecure.

The consequence of insecurity is that when relationship opportunities present themselves, you let them pass, with the pretext of not being ready. But nobody is ever ready to be hurt. So how do you put yourself out there with minimal risk? So that you’re not hanging out on that cliff edge precariously waiting to drop to the ground.

It’s no different to taking a risk on a new relationship. You may have been friends for months, but you’ve been hurt by someone else in the past, so don’t want to take any chances that will put you in that compromising position again. It’s understandable. But relationships, because they have other people involved, will always have elements of risk. There is always going to be some fear, if you allow it over the threshold of your door.

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Here’s How to Handle Vulnerability & Fear

The only way to never feel vulnerable is to take the other person out of the equation and understand that you are the only person who can create fear and insecurity in your life. Because it isn’t a person who makes you feel vulnerable, it’s your own thoughts that spiral towards fear or insecurity.

Stand in your own Power

That’s why we show people how to use their mood barometer. It’s an inner guidance system you were born with that gives you indicators on which direction you’re traveling by using your mood. When you know which direction your mood is going, you can divert it before you reach fear or insecurity.

But this takes setting up before a situation occurs that makes you feel vulnerable. So unless you’ve already done that, chances are you’ll have a difficult time doing a U-turn at full speed down a hill.

Alternative Way to Stand in your Power

So the other alternative is to pivot often. That means to practice turning your mood from feeling unhappy to finding thoughts of relief. From one mood of discomfort to feeling a little better and then a little better. Moving towards happiness. One step at a time. Being conscious of your mood throughout the day and changing it towards happiness as often as you can. This is an inner journey.

It’s natural to feel vulnerable but it doesn’t need to be accompanied by fear.

Vulnerability is actually a powerful place to stand, knowing you have nothing to hide and that you’ve made peace with how you feel. You’re at the mercy of nobody.

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