How to Know if This is Your Spiritual Soulmate

So how do You Know?

How do you know if this is your Spiritual Soulmate? Well, it’s simple but its not always obvious. There are many types of soulmates – There are 6 types we deal with. The 5 F-types of Soulmates and the Spiritual Soulmate. So how can you tell if the person you’re with is your soulmate or not?

Well, the one we’re talking about today is the spiritual soulmate. What’s a spiritual soulmate? (You can find out what dominant traits your spiritual soulmate will reveal in our quiz. Click on the quiz here.)

They’re one who shares a connection with you. It’s deeper than sex, it’s deeper than physical attraction, it’s more exciting and rewarding than security and it spans lifetimes.

The Pinnacle of all Soulmate Relationships

A spiritual soulmate relationship is the pinnacle of all soulmate relationships. It has passion, attraction, respect, love, wisdom, and friendship. It’s also a mutually beneficial relationship because you both grow and expand in ways that benefit not only yourselves but the relationship and a greater purpose.

This is a relationship that many aspire to and very few achieve because most people aren’t willing to do the work to attract this type of relationship. It blends with your purpose in life and most people just aren’t willing to get out of mediocrity to live their purpose in life.

A Spiritual Soulmate Builds upon your Strengths

Your spiritual soulmate is the person that fits you like a glove. That doesn’t mean they’re the same as you, but they complement your weaknesses and build upon your strengths. They aren’t necessarily partners that do everything you want them to do and they can still have habits that are annoying in most circumstances. In other words, they aren’t perfect. But it’s an empowering relationship, not just a long one.

This relationship is one that when you come together and grow, you become powerful enough as a couple to change worlds together.  In this case 1 + 1 doesn’t equal 2, the influence is exponential. Two people standing in their own space and looking in the same direction, that come together for a higher purpose, now that’s a powerful combination.

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Historic Spiritual Soulmates

History is adorned with these powerful couple combinations like:

Louis XV of France and Madame de Pompadour
Anne Boleyn and Henry the VIII
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip
Marie and Pierre Curie
George Putnam and Amelia Earhart

then there those who were famous in the US but less known worldwide such as:

Richard and Mildred Loving who achieved an historic victory in ending all race-based legal restrictions on marriage across the United States.

Spiritual Soulmate Relationships are for Everyone

A Spiritual Soulmate relationship is available for everyone, It’s fulfilling, uplifting and empowering, so why would you settle for less? You can develop the tools to manifest a spiritual soulmate in your life.

One question I’ve been asked many times is: How can I tell if this is my soulmate or not? Well, because we’re talking about a spiritual soulmate today, which is the relationship that’s the most powerful at the very top of the relationship pyramid, I’ve put together these:

5 Ways to tell if they’re your spiritual soulmate

  1. Comfortable conversationalist. No matter what the conversation is, they’re comfortable in it. They aren’t threatened by you or annoyed that you’re talking too much. They are gentle and respectful in their response. You both feel comfortable.

    So comfort is the dominant emotion here.

  2. Agree to Disagree. You don’t need to agree on everything, the same as you don’t need to be right. Understanding that there is always another perspective on everything is the key to respect and this is the dominant mood here. Respecting another’s opinion, whether you agree or not. It’s ok. Neither of you is afraid of going deep into a subject.

    The dominant mood is respect.

  3. Friendship. They become your best friend. That means you want to hang out with them. You are willing to be vulnerable and share private information that you don’t tell anybody else about. The reason you do this is because you feel safe. Feeling safe is the dominant mood here. (However this is completely different to being controlling and obsessive or needy.)

    Safety is the dominant mood.

  4. Excitement. There is excitement to see and be with this person. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been apart for an hour or a day, you’re excited at the prospect of being with them again. To share a meal, a conversation, some intimacy or an engagement. They’re the person you want to talk to at a party. You’re excited about spending the rest of your life with this person.

    Excitement is the dominant mood.

  5. Bring out the Best. You bring out the best in each other. I know this won’t always happen as we all have stuff going on. But on a whole, you think of your partner lovingly and they do you. Because you feel loving, you bring out the best in each other. And when you’re not feeling great, you’re aware that it’s all about you, not them. You don’t try and change them to make you feel good.

    So the dominant mood in this is both love and acceptance.

Attracting your Spiritual Soulmate is a Journey

So you can see that this is a journey. You don’t begin knowing all these things. You get to work them out as you go along. But if you aren’t feeling comfortable, safe, excited, loving and accepting, then its a really good indicator that the person you need to work on before you enter a relationship is you.

That’s why we call it attracting a spiritual soulmate, because it’s easy once you’ve developed those traits that you want in a soulmate. When you want to feel loved and accepted, safe and validated, when you want to feel sure and comfortable. It’s when you’ve developed a pattern of feeling excited often, then you’re on track to attracting your spiritual soulmate.

In the beginning, it may just be a touch that wakes you up from your soulmate slumber. I know for me, it was a hug. It wasn’t a happily ever after, it was the beginning of a new journey. And it’s not a perfect relationship, because I’m not perfect.

In a Nutshell, your Spiritual Soulmate traits

So you can tell if they’re your spiritual soulmate if:

  1. You have comfortable and compelling conversations, without fighting
  2. You’re interested and respectful without agreeing on everything
  3. Hanging out with them is important to you because you feel good around them
  4. You get excited at the thought of being with this person, no matter how long you’ve been together
  5. It’s natural to bring out the best in each other

So, if you haven’t connected with your spiritual soulmate yet, don’t feel dejected because it means they’re still out there looking for you.

Now there are lots of things you shouldn’t do, but we’ll leave that for another article. Here are the 3 common mistakes most people make when attracting a spiritual soulmate.

Take the quiz to find out what dominant traits your spiritual soulmate will have, and stay connected for more information.

Click here for the quiz

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