How to Create your Soulmate Wish List

Create your Spiritual Soulmate Wish List

Do you have a list of attributes that you’d like your spiritual soulmate to have? Is this wish list in your head or on paper? Is it

  1. just a Random list,
  2. Something you Think you’re Aware of, or is it
  3. a Well-defined and Thought out List?

Well, those are the three types of wish lists we use for creating the image of your spiritual soulmate. I guess the fourth type is not having a list at all. 

If this is you, then you’re right on schedule to attracting the same type of relationship as the last one. You decide whether that’s what you want or not.

Hi I’m Gayle Maree from 6 Dimensions of Healing and I’ve been a Spiritual Counselor for over 22 years, helping people create wonderful soulmate relationships.

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A Helpful Wish List Isn’t Automatic

A list doesn’t automatically come from sitting down and formulating one. Most lists come from the past. They come from knowing what you don’t want. From all those painful encounters in the past with people, I’m sure you would rather leave back in the past. Because of this, whether you know it or not, you actually do have a wish list. Even if it’s more of a guide in your head.

The reason you would want to define your wish list and put it on paper is so that you can use it as a guide to know you’re moving in a direction that you want to go. In other words, YOU want to be in control of your future and not that little voice inside your head that can often sound like a cracked record. Or a scratch in the CD which repeats the same undermining words over and over.

Here is the rundown on each of these lists.

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A Random Wish List

Having a Random Wish List means that when you meet someone you’ll need to decide at that time and in that moment, whether that cute pattern of correcting you is a trait you’re happy with or something that a person in the past repeated that annoyed you to the point of insanity.

Are you finding those idiosynchrosies cute and caring or is it just familiarity with mistaken identity. When you don’t have a list it won’t be an easy relationship because the traits that seem familiar will set alarm bells off in your head and you’ll justify that this person is different from the last.

Those alarms may be flashing, but because you hadn’t defined a list, that familiarity could be mistaken as a substitute for a loving relationship, so what could be happening is that you’re noticing familiar patterns and instead of a warning sign they’re interpreted as a cozy, familiar, quirky habit.

Having a random list is like playing Russian roulette and the odds are not in your favour that you’ll win in attracting your spiritual soulmate.

When your wish list is:

Something you Think you’re Aware of

It means you’re usually aware of all those things you don’t want. The past gestures or annoying habits, and demeaning behavior. The way you felt insecure around your old partner. You’re acutely aware of all those things you didn’t like in past relationships and are probably really determined not to repeat them. You are so aware of what you don’t want that you feel angry about it. And that’s understandable.

You know that when you find someone with these traits that you’ll run a mile and you do. The problem with this list is that you are so aware of what you don’t want, that what you don’t want is still active in your vibration.

How this translates is that you actually attract more of what you don’t want. So, when you say there are no great soulmates left in the world for you, then you’re right. Because, with this inner list active, all you’re going to find are people to fit this list. The list you don’t want but are very aware of. You aren’t ever going to attract your Spiritual Soulmate with this list active in your vibration.

Not even if you write it on paper. Because it actually becomes an affirmation. Not an affirmation of what you don’t want because that doesn’t exist. An affirmation of what you’re vibrating, which is your dominant mood. No matter whether it’s anger, fear, or insecurity. Whatever your dominant mood, it becomes your point of attraction. You attract more.

The last Wish List is a:

Well-designed and Thought-out List.

You design a list to DEFINE what you don’t want and to REFINE what you do.

This list isn’t an internal list. It’s a written list. In fact 2 lists.

List one is on the first of two sheets of paper

Firstly write down all the traits that you don’t want. They’re the ones from past relationships that you’d really like to avoid repeating. And it’s ok to do that. You can focus on these unwanted traits for a little while, because we’re going to move on. So they won’t get stuck in your vibration. We’ll pick them out of the spiders web one by one.

Get right into all those things you didn’t like and list them all.

List two on a separate sheet

The next part is to write down the traits you do want. The closeness, the feeling like you are meant to be together, the enjoyment of spending time together. The laughter, the attraction. Walks in the sunset. Traveling together.

Be specific and include a lot. Write it as if you’re describing a scene in a movie. Use emotion. Really get the feel of it and immerse yourself in it. This is a dream you’re creating so take time in creating and refining this scenario. You can refine over the days and even months to come.

You can include physical traits if you like, a touch, a body type, eyes, hair, physical attributes, personality, bearing in mind that planning is essential, but plans aren’t important. Which means, that your dream won’t unfold exactly as you plan it, the plan is there to stimulate a new mood and create a new vibration.

Next Step for your Wish List

Burn the first list. Do a ceremony. Cremate it. Let go of everything to do with it. Hand it over to the Universe or do the clearing and amplifying meditation.

Then sign and date List two. The list of attributes you do want. This wish list is your commitment to you.

Then put it away and go about your life.

This is actually an internal fork in the road and you’re creating a new path. This is the path that leads to you attracting your spiritual soulmate.

There are a couple of rules.

  1. Mind your mood. So be as happy as you can, as often as you can
  2. Don’t look for evidence. This can be your undoing. Whenever you look for evidence of something and don’t find it, you’ve just redirected yourself down the path of lack.

So don’t do it. Whenever you find yourself checking to see if it’s working, go back to rule one. Mind your mood.

So let me know below what an important attribute is that you’d like in your spiritual soulmate. What’s a non-negotiable trait for you?

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