How to be Happy Without a Partner

You Don’t Need a Partner to Complete You

Just because you’re divorced, it doesn’t mean you need somebody to ‘complete’ you. I hear this often amongst my single friends, whether they’ve been divorced or not.

You don’t need anybody to complete you. I’ll say that again. You are complete just the way you are, without a partner. You just don’t feel it at the moment, and that’s ok because I’m going to show you how you can be happy again.

That yearning that you have in the pit of your stomach, sure it feels like the loss of a partner and you want to plug it up. Or put a bandage on the pain, but the truth is that you don’t need to do that. That pain you feel hasn’t anything to do with a partner or anybody else. It’s the emptiness of separation.

Separation from a Partner isn’t the Cause of Pain

Your pain isn’t from the separation from a person. It’s from the separation from your connection with who you really are. That’s the connection with your inner being. When you feel connected, your mood is great, life is fun and you’re in the right place at the right time.

But when you’ve separated yourself from the connection with your inner being, you can feel visible tension. Pinching yourself off from the connection of your inner being will create moods of depression, grief, despair, and powerlessness.

Friends Don’t want to Catch Partner Pain

You’ll think things aren’t working out for you. Friends will feel sorry for you, but nobody will want to hang around you for long. Just in case they catch it. 

Feeling depressed feels like you’ve dug a hole, buried yourself in it and now you’re stuck. Just like you used to play in the sand at the beach, except the sand has turned to concrete and it’s difficult to get out.

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Time Heals all Partner Wounds

That’s why the saying ‘time heals all wounds’ is appropriate. With time, you usually get sick and tired of feeling this way and decide to make changes. As soon as you do this, you begin to turn in the direction of your connection.

This is your inner Mood Barometer letting you know that you’re moving in a direction that’s much more comforting. You begin to feel wrapped in a warm blanket of worthiness and start to feel happy again.

That is, until you think about the past. These are the thoughts that will cut you like a knife edge every time. Because, as soon as you allow your mind to wander in that direction, then whammo, you’re feeling lousy again.

You Grieve for a Partner Relationship

This can be a cycle and will persist for as long as you allow it to. It’s similar to a grieving process and the timing is up to you.

The pain never goes away, you just learn to manage it better and you can even make peace with it. But, as soon as you revisit that subject of the breakup or messy divorce, you’re right back in that hole fighting for air once again.

You don’t need to do this. You can step off this fast-moving treadmill anytime you like. And to stay off, you can follow the inner guidance you were born with, your Mood Barometer.

This inner guidance system will lead you to dignity. It will help you connect to your inner being, to the broader part of you, to Source energy. That’s what’s missing.

The Partner or the Relationship Isn’t Missing

Not the partner, or the relationship, it’s the connection. And it’s common to mistake a person for that connection because often, in the beginning anyway, you felt connected when you were with them. So there’s a correlation between your old relationship, the good times in the past, and your mood.

You don’t miss the ex-partner, you don’t miss the drama, what you do miss is the connection. The great news is that you can begin to repair your connection now, today. All you need to do is to become aware of your moods.

Take notice of how you’re feeling throughout the day and reach for better and better feeling thoughts and begin to take back some of your power. So you can leave the clouds and walk in the fresh grass towards the sunshine.

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