From ‘Happy Enough’ to Extraordinary Relationship

Why Settle For ‘Happy Enough’?

In my extended two decades as a Spiritual Counselor, people often describe themselves as ‘happy enough’. This means, sadly they don’t feel happy very often. They’re satisfied or bored or even just ordinary, but not happy. This is almost hiding from life. Not because you’re meant to be ordinary, but often because people tend to hide from their own greatness.

Hi I’m Gayle Maree from 6 Dimensions of Healing and I’ve been a Spiritual Counselor for over 22 years, helping people create extraordinary lives. Today I have my Spiritual Soulmate Allan with me and we’ll show you how you can create your extraordinary life.

‘Ordinary’ Takes More Effort Than Greatness

People think that greatness takes an extraordinary amount of effort. Yet in fact, ‘ordinary’ takes much more effort because to pull it off, there has to be a huge amount of suppression. There’s actually a lot of effort in squashing your ‘natural’ greatness that just wants to bubble up to the surface within you.

It takes a lot of practice to quell the excitement when an opportunity is presented or an idea wants to take root. That practice is in the inner dialogue or self-talk that happens inside your head. Sure, it was instilled a long, long time ago. But that doesn’t mean the same record needs to keep playing.

The Record Plays the Same Song of Pain

Whether there’s fear of hurt, loss or rejection, the record is still playing the song of pain. And we as human beings naturally move either, toward something we love or away from something painful. And Romantic breakups are about as painful as it gets. You grieve as if you were saying good bye to a loved one.

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And you are. But it’s not a person you grieve for in a relationship breakup. What you’re really mourning is the loss of your hopes and dreams. Those dreams ones of happiness that have been nurtured as a child, only to be shattered like a mirror, that now lies in a thousand pieces all over the ground. And reflected back in every one of those geometric shapes is your own face. The face of pain.

So is it any Wonder that you Settle for Feeling Safe in Being ‘Happy Enough’?

Innately, we all strive for a deep inner connection and true happiness. This is a soul connection and not something that’s filled by things or people. Being afraid is the opposite to connection and that’s why it feels so painful. To quell that feeling of emptiness, we keep trying to fill the vast chasm of pain with outside stuff, looking for validation from other people and climbing the ladder looking for success. But this tends to make the void even bigger. That’s where ‘happy enough’ comes in.

It’s a safety net. Used like a gap filler. Just like liquid nails, it holds an ordinary life in suspension so you don’t have to look at what’s missing and feel uncomfortable. The downside is that it’s mundane and doesn’t create purpose and meaning in your life. ‘Happy enough’ is never satisfying and only ever a temporary stop-gap.

But there is an Alternative Solution to the Mundane ‘Happy Enough’.

It’s a natural path of greatness that allows your life to flow and it goes like this:

What if you could decide to be responsible for your own happiness? What if you decided that no matter what relationship you entered, you wouldn’t make the other person responsible for how you felt? That you would choose your mood and feel great as often as you could. I know, that’s a novel idea. Right? It’s also the path to reducing your risk, because if you aren’t reliant on anybody else for how you feel, then they can’t hurt you. You’ve taken back your own power. You’re wielding the sword that only you could pull from the stone and it can never be taken from you.

And that doesn’t just make you powerful in your own life, it makes you in control of creating your reality. It’s also very attractive to others and you’ll attract a soulmate with similar values. The benefits of standing in your own power are immense and far-reaching.

‘Happy Enough’ Beats Discontent Any Day

Sure, ordinary or ‘happy enough’ is better than discontent, but why settle for something so underwhelming when the Universe is prepared to deliver you the world.

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