Clarify your Spiritual Soulmate in 2 Simple Steps

What Do You Really Want More Of?

I know you want a relationship with someone special. To find that soulmate partner and develop a spiritual connection. But what else do you want in a spiritual soulmate?

Hi I’m Gayle Maree from 6 Dimensions of Healing and I’ve been a spiritual counselor for over 22 years and today we’re talking about defining what you want, so that you can get clear about the role of your spiritual soulmate.

So what do you really want in a Spiritual Soulmate?

Is it someone to share your life with? Is it to feel secure? Do you want somebody that makes you feel great or that’s fun, so that you laugh more? There are many reasons people want relationships and when you get clear on the why, then you gain a lot more traction on finding a spiritual soulmate.

  1. The first step to take along the path of your spiritual soulmate journey is to decide what you don’t want. The things that you really hated about past relationships, whether it was the dropping clothes all over the floor, the flippant or dismissive manner, that you felt like an alien in your own home.I mean, it’s like the elephant in the room.

Dissolving the Past

You don’t want to repeat the past, so what is it that you don’t want? We go into this in a lot more nitty-gritty in our course but for now, let’s just use what’s there, raw and uncensored, bubbling to the surface. It’s ok, I won’t leave you hanging. This is a positive post and not a painful one. You’re safe here.


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When you’ve created a list of attributes that you don’t want, then you can let that go. It’s false to think that if you have them in your mind, you won’t make the same mistakes. In fact, history throughout the centuries dictates that the exact opposite is true. When people put pain foremost in their minds, they create more pain. We don’t want to do that here. So take that list, whether in your mind or on paper and burn it. When for real or symbolic. It doesn’t matter.

Imagine your Spiritual Soulmate using Your Secret Weapon

2. Step two. Once that’s done, use your imagination as a tool to create attributes in a partner that you do want. Don’t underestimate the power of your imagination. There’s nothing in this whole Universe that’s been created that wasn’t first imagined. Your imagination is the secret weapon  in creating to a new life.

Imagine feeling loved, and having somebody’s arms wrapped around you in comfort and protection. Not because you need to be protected but because you’re precious enough to want to protect.

Imagine sharing a meal at a favorite restaurant that you both love. Use your imagination to feel the touch of holding hands, a warm breath on your face and laughing together. And imagine enjoying the simple things in life like a sunset or frisbee in the park with your spiritual soulmate.

Build your Soul Connection Within

Build a whole scene around this new soul connection and relax into it. Breathe it in and enjoy the creation. Because you’ve just changed your path. Your direction has been diverted from what you don’t want to attribute you do want in a spiritual soulmate.

And what happens when you focus on something you do want? You attract more of what you want. Use this imagined scenario as a bridge from where you were standing before to where you want to be and immerse yourself in the mood of feeling great. Get used to it. You’re going to feel great a lot more often on the path to attracting your spiritual soulmate.

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