5 F-Type Soulmates That Help you Grow


Many Soulmates Come Into Your Life

We have many types of soulmates that come into our lives. Some are for a fleeting moment and others are for a lifetime. Just because you’re in a relationship that isn’t good for you, doesn’t mean you haven’t met your soulmate. It could be that they are there to simply give a nudge to change your direction.

We often think of soulmates as the one person who is our perfect match. And all soulmates are that, but for different reasons.

Forever – Life Partner Soulmate

When most people think of a soulmate, the ideal life partner comes to mind. The person we connect with physically, emotionally and intellectually. It’s one we feel comfortable with and can’t imagine life without. They grow with us and we become more because of their love, support and uplifting attitude. We feel safe to be ourselves and life is easy.

Many people don’t meet these partners because they can become so comfortable that it is easy to just do nothing. We can become complacent and comfortable and not do anything with our lives. (However, if that happens, the relationship probably won’t last, even thought you are soulmates.)

We’ve been with these partners in previous lives and they compliment who we are and what we’ve come to do. So if one of these partners comes into our lives, it’s because we have a larger purpose together. Because these two souls are a powerhouse. They’re here to take humanity to the next level.  What they bring to the relationship is stability, focus, enthusiasm, love and tenacity. Together, their influence in exponential in whatever path they choose.

We all have one of these soulmates but we aren’t always ready for the journey required, so often these soulmates come together later in life. After growth and experience with other soulmates.

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Fleeting Soulmates

These people come into our lives when we’re stuck. They aren’t like a friend who is there for us through thick and thin. These people were asked by us, before we came into this life, that if we ever got off track from our purpose and were stuck, they would come along to nudge us in the direction of our path. These aren’t necessarily even people we know. But they come along and give us a shove. It may not even be nice. But it works.

I remember when I was in a place I didn’t want to be and I wasn’t enjoying it at all because I felt I should have been somewhere else and I couldn’t shake that feeling of self-pity, which was having an effect on those around me. A guy I didn’t know came up to me and gave me a stern talking to, which snapped me out of the self-pity and I moved on. It was the shove I needed. It wasn’t gentle. I didn’t know him and have never met him again, but it was necessary.

Strangers come into our lives, just to change our direction in much the same way as a bumper car at a fairground hits a wall and changes its course. They normally say something that we need to hear in that moment, validate something that we’ve been feeling or push us in a direction we need to go but are afraid or stuck. In hindsight, we can tell the encounter meant something even though we never see them again.

This usually comes in the form of advice and this knowledge is pivotal in our growth and our path.

Friendship Soulmates

Sometimes we can meet people we’ve never met before and instantly we become best friends. We are comfortable with them and they with us, it’s like we’ve known them for many years. And we have. In fact lifetimes. Sometimes we stay connected with these people and form friendships in this lifetime and other times we don’t. We have different paths and this lifetime they aren’t connected. That’s why it’s important to let friendships go. As we grow in life, our purpose expands and many friendships aren’t meant to grow in the same direction or at the same pace.

Friendships are there for the purpose of support, love and encouragement. These people don’t judge us, but accept us as we are. Some of these friendships can last a lifetime and others don’t. We all grow in different directions so it makes perfect sense that our friends would change too. Celebrate them for the benefit they have been and allow them to let go.

This is what is meant by the poem “If you love somebody set them free…”

Forceful Sledgehammer Soulmate

Sometimes these are acquaintances, but often they are partners that we are attracted to. These are the soulmates that challenge us in every way. They challenge our values, our beliefs and our self-worth. But never are we complacent or peaceful around them. These relationships can take many forms but they are often romantic and leave us feeling winded and deflated as if hit by the force of a sledgehammer.

What these soulmates bring to the table is their ability to level the ground in one fell swoop which causes us to rebuild our lives from the ground up. We are never the same again, so it forces us to re-evalute and make new choices for a different life. There is great value in this type of relationship as it leaves us in no doubt of what we don’t want, therefore providing amazing clarity.

When we get the message loud and clear we then need to take that clarity and build something new, rather than attracting another Forceful Sledgehammer soulmate and another and another.

Flirtatious Soulmates

Some of us need to feel loved in different ways and finding a soulmate that can fill our needs can be difficult, especially if we don’t have a good record of relationships. Not everyone wants the responsibility of a long and lasting relationship. But we all want to feel loved.

The Flirtatious Soulmate is an easy relationship that has no strings attached and can become a really soulful connection. Both people gain much from this union and often stay friends after the affair is over. These are seen as a valuable and beautiful interlude.

The flirtatious soulmate can take the form of mild flirtation through to an affair. This can also become the path to a Forever Soulmate and even a Spiritual Soulmate. Often because both are not looking for a partner at all and therefore there is no baggage or expectations. Most often, lasting soulmates are found when we’re not looking for them.

Not All Soulmates Last Forever

Our soulmate relationships don’t always last forever because they are either here to clarify or help us move forward by making different choices. When we connect with someone who makes our heart sing and we feel comfortable with, it doesn’t always inspire us to move forward. Therefore, the easy, comfortable, safe soulmate that we’re looking for maybe elusive. If we’re going to sit on our laurels and just wait life out in a safe environment, then that soulmate won’t stay in our lives. Not because we’re not loved or we don’t deserve it, but because our purpose is so much more than ordinary.

It’s not only ok but necessary to challenge each other in a relationship, whether it’s with your soulmate or not. In this way, you both grow and bring your combined light to the world.

And that brings us to a Spiritual Soulmate. Stay tuned.

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