3 Common Mistakes in Attracting your Soulmate

3 Things you Could be Doing Wrong

There are 3 common mistakes people make when really wanting to attract someone special in their lives.

  1. Not being aware of your list
  2. Looking around every corner to see if they’re coming yet
  3. Not moving into the lead role you’ve created

Hi I’m Gayle Maree from 6 Dimensions of Healing and I’ve been a Spiritual Counselor for over 22 years, helping people create wonderful soulmate relationships.

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Now I’ll explain those 3 mistakes in a little more detail so you can understand what you might be doing wrong. And of course how you can change it.

First of Three Mistakes

The first is not being aware of your list.

That’s the list you have of what you want in a soulmate. Do you have a list of attributes that you want in your spiritual connection? If it’s not a physical list it can be a mental one, but the biggest challenge I’ve found with my clients is that they are very aware of what they don’t want rather than what they do.

This means that the awareness they have of what they don’t want is much more active in their vibration. And when that happens, you’ll attract more of what you don’t want.

Your evidence of this mistake is that you’re still attracting those same losers or the same narcissistic tendencies you’ve attracted in the past. So if you aren’t aware of your list, chances are that you’ll be looking for what you don’t want rather than what you do.

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Nobody makes these mistakes consciously of course. I mean you’re not stupid, just careful. But that awareness of what you don’t want because you think you’re being cautious will become your vibration and you can only attract what you vibrate. See how it works? I’ll write a post dedicated to connecting you with your list. I promise. Now that will be fun.

Second of Three Mistakes

The second is checking to see if that soulmate’s coming yet.

Are you looking around every corner expecting your ideal soulmate to appear? Hoping they’ll materialize in your life. Then getting disappointed each evening because they haven’t arrived yet? You’re not alone.

It’s absolutely ok to have positive expectations. In fact, positive expectations are a part of attracting your ideal partner. Positive expectations and expecting your spiritual soulmate to appear in your life aren’t the mistakes.

However, when it doesn’t happen then how do you feel? Do you go to bed sad that they aren’t there with you? Is there an undermining voice that says you aren’t good enough? That disappointment that comes forward when your goals or expectations have been shattered, once again.

Are you Attracting or Repelling your Soulmate?

Your response to your expectations is the key to whether you’re attracting or actually repelling your spiritual soulmate. We’ve given that it’s dedicated topic too. So you won’t be left hanging.

Third of Three Mistakes

The third mistake people make is staying the same.

Have you moved into the Lead Role of your life yet? You could be doing well at work, your business could be thriving and you have a great circle of friends, but have you actually moved into the lead role of your love-life?

When you dream about your spiritual soulmate you’re creating a new movie in your life and are actually changing the direction of your path. You were moving along in one direction and have made a new choice and that’s the fork in the road that you take. Your new dream puts you on a new path.

For example, we wanted a new direction in our lives and we weren’t sure what it was, but we made a decision to move to a city, closer to where we wanted to be which was our dream. Within 6 months an opportunity came up that moved us to our chosen location and a new business. In fact, a whole new industry with a whole new life opened up for us.

Our new movie was a lifestyle. We wanted to be able to afford to buy the things we wanted, to go traveling at any time, have mini vacations at the beach every month and spend time with our kids. It didn’t matter what had come before, we had formulated the dream. This had been the fork in the road.

My Spiritual Soulmate Allan, and I both worked on the inner journey. I wrote for spiritual magazines and Allan read, meditated, journaled. We discussed the inner workings of life and we only focused on what was working. We didn’t want to make the common mistakes so we took the lead role in our lives and got the experience necessary to match our dream. It happened to take us 6 months.

Become the Leading Role Actor in your Movie

We needed to become leading role actors in our own lives, otherwise we couldn’t have blended with this new movie role.

Have you taken the fork in the road that’ll help you OWN your leading role in this new soulmate movie you’ve created?

You don’t have to be conscious of all the things that are happening in your life. But you do need to be aware of the habits you’re using that are stopping you from becoming the lead role in your life. They can be the subtleties of thought that undermine. Those of disappointment. Seeing couples out walking together and feeling a twinge of sadness. These are the subtleties that are talking to you and telling you that you’re still back there.

So be aware of how you feel around other couples and you’ll have a really good indicator of how you’re traveling towards the lead role in your life.

Those are the 3 common mistakes I see people make in their lives. They’re also easy to fix once you’re aware of them. So leave a comment below the video and let me know which one of these 3 mistakes you’ve been making.

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