15 Point Checklist for How to Attract Your Soulmate

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15 Point Checklist to Attract your Soulmate

If you’d like to attract a partner who is the epitome of Chris Hemsworth’s body, plays the piano like Chopin, has the charm of Hugh Jackman and jumps the net like Roger Federer, you may want to consider a few things on this list of how to attract your spiritual soulmate.

Relationship Blueprint

Actually this is much more than a checklist. It’s a blueprint for a really great relationship with your soulmate. One that’s been calling you for many years, because every relationship you’ve experienced up until now has been subtly (and not so gently), moving you towards the man of your dreams. Your whole life has been about clarifying to attract your soulmate. You didn’t realize? You’re not alone.

Some of these questions may be difficult to answer and that’s probably because the relationship role models you had in the past, were ones that maybe bordered on toxic, at least, they weren’t very balanced.

I didn’t think about relationships at all when I entered one. But when I look back, my patterns came from my parents and so did my role models, which would have been great if they had a loving, respectful relationship. But they didn’t and I took all those expectations and limiting beliefs with me. I then expected somebody with another set of role models and parameters with their own emotional baggage to fit my mold. It was more a recipe for disaster than a formula for how to attract my Soulmate.

Attract your Soulmate by becoming a Role Model

So now is an excellent time to get yourself a new relationship role model. This means, a relationship you know of, that you can borrow some new habit patterns and attitudes from. We have role models for many things in life. From body love to rearing children.

These people don’t need to be perfect but they do need to set an example of the life we’d like to adopt in that area of their lives. For instance, you may like the Kardashians for their fashion sense, but as far as relationships go, they aren’t great role models for a solid, faithful, loving, connection. So think about the relationships you admire, the couples you have respect for in these relationships, whether you know them or not, and use them as your benchmark to aspire to new heights. Use their example as your role model on how to attract a soulmate.

Imagine this process as a written visualization. It’s scientifically proven that if you don’t define what you don’t want and if you also don’t define what you do want, you’ll keep repeating the same patterns. This means you’ll keep attracting the same guys. So come for a ride with me. I promise it’ll be worth it.

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Checklist for How to Attract your Spiritual Soulmate

Or download the PDF here. Checklist for Finding a Soulmate

Get yourself some paper and a pen. (You might need a few pages.)
  1. What attributes don’t you want in a soulmate? What’s a deal-breaker? Those things you had in the past that you hated. They’re the attributes that would be a culmination of everything you hated about past relationships. The habits, the behaviors, the traits. Write them all down. (Now you know why you might need a few pages.)
  2. How did they make you feel? Of course, in the good times, you felt great. List those on one side. Everyone has some good traits. But what about the majority of the time? List those on the right
  3. What triggered the good times. List them on the left. And the bad times? List them on the right. Was it drinking, mood, insecurity, not trying hard enough.
  4. What were past issues? (The elephant in the room.) What was there that you just didn’t talk about? The wanted on the left, the unwanted on the right.
  5. How did they feel about your family? Did they like your mother? Were they offended at family gatherings? Did they make you feel ostracized? Good traits on the left, unwanted on the right.
  6. Any other issues that have arisen. Write them down. Positive on the left, unhealthy on the right.
Take a new sheet of paper and a deep breath and now imagine what you do want.
  1. What type of partner would you prefer? If you haven’t thought about this before, I’ll give you a hint. It’s the opposite of question 1. A combination of the things you wrote on the left and the opposite to what you wrote on the right. So write them down and notice what you’ve written. This is what you actually DO want.
  2. Let’s delve into the specifics. What type of looks, how tall, what type of personality, smile, manners, clothing.
  3. What’s the work that he/she does to make a living? Do they contribute to the community and share your values?
  4. Do they believe in you and are they supportive, of your career and your beliefs? Remember, this is your story, so imagine and write it down.
  5. What’s their philosophy on life? Is that important to you?
  6. How do they feel about family?
  7. What are their hang-ups? We all have them, so it’ll be opposite to a deal-breaker. Imagine what they are and what you are prepared to handle.
  8. Do you enjoy spending time together? How much time? Do you have hobbies together, work together or are just friends?
  9. How do you feel when you’re together?

When we don’t actually clarify and define what we want, we tend to fall back on default patterns. This is not what we want here.

The reason for defining is to create a new vision of the person you want in your life. They may not look exactly as you imagine in the blueprint above but you will feel the way when you attract your soulmate that you said you would, in the very last question.

Let me know your aha’s

I would love to hear the answers to some of these or any questions that you have, so please let me know. I read them all. Email me here at my personal email Gayle Maree or just hit reply.

I hope you gained some insights into who is your ideal Soulmate. Now place the answers to questions 7-15 in a place where you can see them often, to remind you of what you’re moving towards. 

Yes, knowing is just the first step, but it is a positive step on how to attract your spiritual soulmate, so congratulations!

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