Hi I'm Gayle Maree

I'm here to help you discover your greatest gifts, blending your purpose with your life to create a happy, abundant future.

Attract Your Best Relationship!

A powerful insight into the beliefs and patterns around your relationships. Understanding the blocks and discovering how you can magnetically transform the relationships you have now.

Hi, I’m Gayle Maree

As a Spiritual Counselor, I’ve had the absolute privilege of helping people like you transform their lives.

You know deep down that you have a purpose.

You’re ready to blend that purpose with your life and create a new story. One that serves you and transforms your relationships so you are no longer bound by past patterns or people.

You’re ready to take your power back and define who you really are.

The time is right to let go of debilitating patterns and move into the loving, harmonious relationships you’ve been missing. It’s time to heal your life and step into the power of your true purpose, blending it with a life you’ve craved for so long.

It’s time to heal past pain, move into being the creator of your own reality and discover your true power.

I bring deep healing, Spiritual Counseling and Divine Wisdom together to create leverage to help you unlock the potential of your true purpose. This is the path to standing in the magnificent, powerful YOU.

Are you ready to design a new world of possibilities in your life? Let’s do this together!


What We Offer

Leveraging Spirit

My Flagship Course is Leveraging Spirit. Developing the ‘Happy’ within, which brings about the positive change necessary to transform relationships and renew the soul.

1:1 Coaching

I take limited 1:1 Coaching clients. This accelarates the process of change and helps shift old stubborn patterns.


We often have live events around the world. Coming together with others who are on a similar path. Now that’s change on a huge scale. 

Finding People’s ‘Happy’

My 16 year old son said to me one day after being inspired by some TED Talks that he watched,  “Mum, I want to make people happy”. I said, that’s what I do. First you need to find the problem and then you can help people find their happy. “That’s good” he responded, “because I’m not going to make it as a comedian”.

Exclusive Course free

Finding Your 'Happy' Coming soon

Leveraging Spirit


Are you ready?


Where we began

6 Dimensions of Healing

My transformational handbook on healing relationships within. Covering the 6 Dimensions of:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Vibration
  • Intention
  • Attitude

It’s was written to help you understand what you take into a relationship and how to create lasting connections with those around you. So that you can move from old, debilitating patterns to freedom and love.

When I met Gayle my life was a mess. I am just so grateful for the clarity and direction she gave me through this course. It was incredibly valuable to me.

Jackie D

Cairns Australia

It was over a year ago now that I first met Gayle and I just can’t explain the change it’s made in my life. Not only can I see a way forward, I have hope for the future. It’s just amazing.


Northern Australia

I wasn’t in a really good place when I found Gayle. Divorced, with 2 kids and no hope. I had no idea what my patterns had created. I have my power back now, in fact more than I had before. Our future looks bright now.


California USA

I remember when I first heard about Leveraging Spirit. I thought it was an interesting concept and I could do with all the leverage I could get. It really helped me to gain control of my life.


California USA

I was looking for a new direction. Basically I wanted to change how my life was unfolding and knew that I needed help changing patterns. All I can say is “Thank the Lord”.


California USA